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# Gallery
This project bundles the scripts which are used in the "[Berlin Zentrum der Netzkunst, damals und heute](" exhibition at the []( in Berlin 4 October - 23 November 2018.
This extension of the [ generator]( displays a collection of the generated images as thumbnails in a grid, allowing to click on them to open a more detailed view of the image.
## [explanation.html](explanation.html)
![NAG gallery preview](nag_gallery_preview.jpg)
as seen in:
* [Berlin Zentrum der Netzkunst, damals und heute]( exhibition at the []( in Berlin, 4 October - 23 November 2018
* [Writing the History of the Future]( exhibition at the [ZKM]( in Karlsruhe, 23 February 2019 - 28 March 2021
## Setup
🚧 WIP 🚧
* Requirements
* File/folder structure (& permissions/user)
* source directory
* working directory
* backup directory
* Dependencies
* PHP Frontend
* Currently optimized for fullscreen use with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, thumbnail size of 24 ($size/parameter: size), 2769 thumbnails in the grid ($imgLimit/parameter: limit)
// fullpath is the pattern for selecting the images from the source directory
$fullpath = "/var/www/gallery/thumbs/*@*.*";
// newbase defines the base path to use for the image links
$newbase = "thumbs/";
* Packages (Debian)
* Shell Backend
is_command_available_critical date
is_command_available_critical find
is_command_available_critical inotifywait
is_command_available_critical rm
is_command_available_critical rsync
* Packages (Debian)
🚧 WIP 🚧
Following is a more detailed explanation of the different files:
### [explanation.html](explanation.html)
explanation.html is the unauthorized (401) error page which is shown in case a user provided wrong credentials or aborted the login process.
## [](
### []( is the inotify-based file sync with date-based filtering script.
Its job is to transfer images from one folder to another, sounds simple, should be simple – Maybe a little too simple, that's why inotify is used to trigger a rsync job in a timely manner.
......@@ -15,15 +55,16 @@ Try ` -h` for the help output.
Lesson learned: `inotifywait` is a great tool to use on the command line for blocking inotify event handling.
## [gallery.php](gallery.php)
### [gallery.php](gallery.php)
gallery.php is the web frontend to the thumbnail collection and hopefully evolves into something useful in the next couple of days.
### Parameters
#### Parameters
Integrated during development to play around with sizes and different views:
* `caption=y`: turn on captions
* `limit=2769`: use a limit of 2.769 images for the grid (accepts values between 400 and 4.000)
* `ratio=y`: preserve the image ratio
* `size=30`: use a thumbnail size of 30px
* `size=24`: use a thumbnail size of 24px (accepts values between 5 and 400)
* `refresh=n`: turn off the automatic refresh
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